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Long Lost

Long Lost

$ 650.00

Beautiful, historical, classic flash painted by "Sailor Dick"

Reproduced for your pleasure.

  • 82 Complete Sheets printed on 80lb high-gloss paper
  • 11"x15" size
  • Some sheets dated to 1948

Sailor Dick's real name was Eric Walker, born in Australia on March 8, 1919. He was an engineer aboard a ship that did core drilling in Anartica, doing research for a university. He sailed between Wellington, New Zealand and Valpairiso, Chile for years stopping in the Anarctic each direction. He tattooed his ship-mates while at sea. He retired from tattooing in Antioch, California. He tattooed with "Long Andy" Libarry at an arcade near an army base in Antioch. He rented a room from Irene Libarry, Andy's wife, who was featured in Samuel Morse's book, "The Tattooist". She's the heavy set lady seated on a sofa with her heavily tattooed legs on display. He stopped in my shop after I moved to Modesto in 1987 and we became acquainted. He showed me his tattoo machines one day and said they were in storage for 25 years in San Francisco, so that means he quit tattooing in 1962, but I think he mentioned quitting in 1955. When I saw his flash I offered to buy it from him, but he told me it would be my inheritance. He died May 9, 2009 at 90 years of age, and his family passed it on to me.

"Good Time Charlie Cartwright"

  • $650 (USA)  $750 (Foreign)

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