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Tennessee Dave

Tennessee Dave
Passage written by Good Time Charlie
Excerpt from "Tattoo Man, The Story of Good Time Charlie's" by Good Time Charlie and Jack Rudy. 



I remember getting off real late in the morning one time at the Pike. I drew a big cover up on my own left shoulder of my arm, with a ball point pen, went to downtown L.A. as soon as Tennessee Dave opened up, thinkin' he'd just whip it on there. He looked at my should and said, "I just don't scribble on people and start tattooing, I need a pattern." 

I said, "I'll guide you through it," but no!  Well, I wanted Dave to do it because of the speed factor. If he knew where he was going, he was fast. I knew he'd put it on me in a timely manner. So when we did it, after making a stencil for the man, he found out he had to fill in at the Hollywood shop.  


So Dave whipped it on me in 4 hours upstairs in the Hollywood shop, in the summer with a broken air conditioner. We were both sweating like pigs and he outlined a girl's head with a side profile. When making her nose, he says, "UH-OH, Ski Slope!" Sure enough she had a little too much nose. 


Later on, Jack Rudy put another face on her and we eliminated the whole mug with a new hair style, Bob Hope nose and all.




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