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My Tattoos

Excerpt from "Tattoo Man, The Story of Good Time Charlie's"



"I knew early on that I wanted both arms sleeved, a full back job, and a dark chest. That's how I thought about it, except for a dozen or more sprinkled around on my legs, that's all I had for years. Several years ago or so, I made the decision to finish my legs after getting short pants from Jeron Franken and Running Bear. I got to thinkin', before I check out, it would be nice to finish my legs and feet, and be complete. 

If memory serves me right, which it don't always, as proven by a couple of stories you'll probably read about down the road here, I have been tattooed a minimum of 191 times, 147 times by others, and 44 times by myself. The others consisted for 53 individuals, many who only worked one me once, and some multiple sessions. 

Jack Rudy has tattooed the most, with 26 times, and my son Nick, with 22 times on me. I have one area that's 5 deep, one area 4 layers of tattoo and quite a few areas that are 3 deep in my remodeling along life's way." 


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