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The Big Sheet

Excerpt from "Tattoo Man, The Story of Good Time Charlie's"



During the winter of '83-84, I produced the largest commercial sheet of flash ever distributed, 40" x 60", a full sheet of illustration board, and have shipped them all over the world. 


this is the only flash I have ever produced for sale. I remember thinking, "Who cares? everybody produces flash but thought, "I'm a real tattoo man, I guess I'm expected to make flash." So I made a one time contribution to the industry with the big sheet. There are 254 arm sized designs, on it mostly pairs of everything. 2 skulls, 2 pigs, 2 fairies, etc. There is a quote by Stoney St. Clair in the middle of the sheet that tells it like it is. 


Tom Tilden told me years later, a shop he worked at, had a big sheet and they threw quarters on it while it laid on the floor, and whatever the quarter landed on, you got that tattoo. 

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